Digital device experience impacts many aspects in an organization – customer satisfaction, revenues and productivity. In such a case, it is imperative that organizations take due diligence and care in addressing any roadblocks to a smoother employee experience.  

The trends in improving overall employee experience in organizations look promising. In a recent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne, The Experience 2020 Report, 82% of organizations recognize the importance of digital employee experience and claim that is ‘critical’ to their business performance.  

Often, organizations realize the true value of digital experience very late. In addition, IT issues typically are time-consuming and hamper productivity of employees. The study observes that IT issues typically last 28 minutes on an average. In the modern IT world where time is money, this could translate to significant costs to an organization (upto $25 million per year). In addition, employees are left catching up on their work, quality of work is affected, and ultimately customers are directly impacted due to a bad digital employee experience.

Adopting a User-Centric Approach

Your employees are at the center of all innovation efforts. It is important that your Digital Employee Experience truly puts priority on employee experience. Workplaces need to match employee aspirations and requirements and provide an atmosphere that helps productivity.

Automated Issue Resolution

IT helpdesks receive tickets throughout the month, for even the smallest of issues. These issues generally cause a lot of downtime. The study conducted by Vanson Bourne states that 61% of respondents accept IT downtime as an accepted downtime in their organization. Automating the resolution process can help address IT issues in a faster, and more economical manner.

Enabling a Predictive, Proactive, Preventive Mechanism

 A predictive means to determine IT issues and consequently solve them, can go a long way in minimizing their occurrence in the first place. As a result, IT teams can minimize the tickets they receive, and consequently spend more time on the critical issues only.

Full Visibility and Analytics into System Issues

Granular visibility into system issues can help your IT teams gain crucial insights into system issues that your employees are facing. Detailed visibility helps collect important data regarding the issues and makes resolution faster and more efficient.

Adopting the Right Technology

The right technology to address and automate IT issue resolution can help minimize the burden on your IT teams. Using the right tools and technology, you can ensure a seamless resolution process of IT issues with minimal use of time and resources. A good DEX management software should be lightweight, easy to implement and manage.


Improving IT services is key in enabling an organization to function smoother, and enable a positive digital employee experience.  

Nanoheal gives organizations the ability to predict and resolve issues before they happen. In addition, it improves IT resolution process significantly through automation, and a predictive self-healing mechanism.

Contact us to learn how Nanoheal can help you improve your digital employee experience.

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