The helpdesk automation market is predicted to grow at more than US $17 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 32% in the given forecast period. Automation services enable organizations to improve workforce efficiency and reducing overall support costs. 

According to the report ‘Helpdesk Automation Market Report (2020-2025) | Global Industry Trends, Growth, Outlook, Share, Size, Top Companies, and Forecast’ published by IMARC Group, the helpdesk automation industry is expected to see a boost mainly due to advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 

AI and ML together can help provide an enhanced digital experience to organizations, be it with their customers, or internally, with their own employees. AI helps learn common issues that organizations face on a day-to-day basis. Machine learning helps conduct predictive analysis that is helpful in IT issue detection and resolution. 

How Automation Can Help

Your IT team is flooded with tickets on a regular basis. A lot of these issues are time-consuming and repetitive. In general, IT teams are also short staffed and under pressure to resolve these issues immediately.

This where automation comes in – with a help of a proactive approach, organizations can instantly address common issues as and when they happen. In addition, automation can also help prevent common IT issues from recurring. 

When organizations adopt a proactive strategy in their IT resolution process, it enables them to save significant time and retain overall employee productivity.

Empower End-Users with Automation

Automation also enables organizations to adopt a self-healing process in resolving IT issues. With the right technology, organizations can empower their end-users to resolve common system issues (such as password reset, VPN issues, browser optimizations, and others) quickly and efficiently. When teams are empowered to resolve issues, it takes a significant burden off the IT teams.

Improve Employee Productivity

Studies say that on average, IT/technology issues take up to 28 minutes of an employee’s time on a regular basis. This translates to almost 48 hours of lost productivity per employee per year. It is indeed true – IT issues can make a significant dent in your company’s profitability if they go unaddressed. 

Address IT Issues in Real-time

IT issues can become a liability when unaddressed for a long time. In fact, the longer they remain open, the riskier it gets (even in terms of compliance). With the right tools, organizations can detect and resolve IT issues in real-time. This helps significantly in an organization’s compliance efforts as well.

Automation can empower your organization’s efforts towards digital transformation. With the right tools and technologies in place, companies can ensure they improve efficiencies, keep costs in check, and also help improve the overall digital experience in the organization.

Nanoheal has helped its clients improve their IT issue resolution process through automation and real-time, actionable notifications. This has helped clients resolve issues through one-click resolutions, using an intuitive, and simple dashboard console.

Contact us today to learn how Nanoheal can help improve your IT  resolution process.

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