In a time when organizations strive to stay always connected, technical outages and IT issues can be a roadblock. Such issues can prove to be a significant cost for organizations and affect employee productivity.

Timely tracking and resolving IT issues is crucial for all organizations. It helps fix issues quickly, minimize downtime and avoid frustration.

Why is Resolution Time Important

Resolution time (or Mean time to Repair – MTTR) can have an impact on individual and team performance. In addition, it can account for significant costs to an organization. In a study conducted by Vanson Bourne, it was found that an employee faces about 100 IT interruptions per year, on average. This translates to about $25 million per year for a large organization. Over time, IT issues can amount to a sizable chunk of your organization’s expenses, if not addressed appropriately. However, to minimize such costs, and reduce downtime, organizations can be proactive and take the following steps: 

Optimize MTTR through Automation

Your IT team is flooded with tickets at any given point of time. As an organization, it is essential to equip your IT teams in a way that they can resolve these issues in the fastest, most efficient manner. Through AI-driven automated remediation, organizations can drive detection and remediation across all end-point devices in their organization, in a fast and efficient manner. With fewer tickets to resolve, your IT teams can focus on bigger, strategic objectives.

Real-time Alerts to Improve Resolution Time 

By adopting a real-time alert mechanism to detect issues and address them proactively, IT teams can significantly reduce the turnaround time for resolution. Faster resolutions help reduce employee frustration, improve productivity, and benefit the overall digital employee experience of the organization.   

Adopting a Predictive, Self-Heal Approach 

A predictive approach to IT issue resolution enables you to minimize system downtime. With the help of the right technologies and data, organizations can reduce stress on their IT teams. In addition, a self-heal approach also empowers the end-user of devices and minimizes dependency on IT teams. Resolving system issues in a timely manner helps improve overall organization performance, and boosts employee morale. Nanoheal helps organizations adopt a proactive, predictive way in their IT issue resolution process. Our predictive approach has helped our customers anticipate possible issues and take measures in time to mitigate any damage. With Nanoheal’s real-time visibility, customers can detect issues in real-time and take action immediately. Faster resolution translates to lower risk overall. Contact us today to learn how Nanoheal can help improve the resolution time of IT issues and the overall digital experience in your organization.

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