Password reset requests account for the highest number of tickets helpdesk staff deal with. According to Gartner, 30% to 50% of IT helpdesk calls are related to resetting a user’s password. As one would expect, this takes up considerable time and resources of your IT teams. It can also be a cause for concern for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), who are responsible for resolving such issues on a regular basis. Every minute spent on resetting passwords, is cost to an organization.

Password Reset: How Much Does it Cost your Organization?  

As per Forrester Research’s estimates, a single password reset could cost an organization upto $70. When added up, multiple such requests can prove to be very expensive, especially for small and medium sized companies. To add to that, the invisible costs of time spent in resolving such issues translates to lower productivity – not just for the users, but for IT teams as well. Instead of focusing on strategic objectives, employees and IT teams spend time on a roadblock that affects their productivity. Moreover, quicker resolution becomes harder to manage when employees are working remotely.

Empower Users to ‘Self-Service’ Issues 

Empowering your employees to resolve password reset issues can help reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) of tickets and overall costs. When employees can securely reset their password for a new one, the need to call the helpdesk reduces. As a result, almost 50% of helpdesk tickets are taken care of.

Implementing a Proactive Resolution Process 

Faster IT issue resolution translates to higher employee productivity. A study conducted by Vanson Bourne states that on an average, IT/technology issues prevent employees from doing their jobs for upto 24 minutes. In addition, IT issues last around 28 minutes before they are resolved. A proactive approach helps monitor, detect, and resolve issues in a quick and reliable manner. By building a comprehensive knowledge-base of known issues, and setting up notification and alerts, organizations can tackle these issues and manage compliance effectively.

Automation can Help Improve Resolution Times

The process of password resetting through the help desk can be complex and time consuming. Typically, to start with, the user logs a ticket stating the issue. Upon receipt, the IT teams starts the process of verifying the user’s identity, and then resets the password. Finally, the employee is notified. In many cases, this process could take upto 30 minutes. 


Automation helps reduce complexity by empowering the user. Nanoheal’s smart Password Management solution, has helped organizations minimize the need for filing tickets every time a user needs to reset their password. In addition, the solution prevents the need to invest in expensive alternatives such as multifactor authentication and biometrics, which otherwise increase overall costs. 

Contact us today to learn how Nanoheal can help automate your password reset process and save valuable time in the process.

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