‘You cannot resolve what you cannot see.’ This statement holds true especially in the case of your IT resolution process. Deeper visibility is key in faster and efficient resolution of IT issues.

In a study conducted by Vanson Bourne, it was found that IT teams have only 45% visibility into issues with new technology. In addition, the survey also saw low levels of visibility into the success and adoption of new technology.

Addressing IT issues is a critical factor in the success of many organizations. For efficient resolution, however, IT teams must have full visibility into all types of IT issues in the organizations. That being said, do IT teams really have the required visibility?

Where Modern Tools fall short

Visibility into IT issues is key, and often modern tools do not provide this capability. In an ideal scenario, IT teams would be able to gain real-time insight into system issues. Armed with these insights, organizations will be able to take remedial actions or put automation in place to address issues.  Moreover, many tools in the market do not provide the end-users enough flexibility for self-resolution of issues. According to the study by Vanson Bourne, IT issues take up a significant amount of time to diagnose and resolve – up to 28 minutes (which possibly explains why many employees do not report their IT issues in the first place. Users today expect the power and flexibility to resolve such issues at their convenient time.

Adopt the Right Technology

As end-users become increasingly reliant on applications, systems, and data, IT teams need powerful tools to monitor and improve user experience. The right EUM tools enable organizations to deliver a superior customer experience by detecting and resolving issues immediately. With the right tools, IT teams can identify and receive alerts in real-time, take remedial measures and proactively address potential issues from arising in the future.

Develop Real-time Visibility into End-User Experience   

To ensure a high digital device experience, organizations must strive to ensure high visibility into the end-user experience of their devices. With the help of a real-time reporting mechanism, service desks are better equipped to take faster action and deliver a better overall experience. Quicker response time to data risk enables organizations to take proactive, preventive measures. In addition, better visibility also improves resolution time, which boosts productivity and helps drive an overall higher-end user experience. 

Visibility into Application Consumption
Visibility into Application Consumption

Gain Deep Insights Into System Performance

Regular checks into system performance issues help understand where the bottlenecks lie. Downtime can severely hurt your profits and overall employee experience. Real-time insights and resolution can help achieve both these objectives. It allows organizations to quickly detect processes that consume a lot of system resources. Faster detection helps reduce resolution times and improve the employee experience.  

Visibility into Device Inventory
Visibility into Device Inventory


In a fast-paced business, time is money – your service desk must have a quick turnaround time as well. Implementing a real-time mechanism to detect, report, and address IT issues can help an organization reduce downtime.

Nanoheal helps organizations implement a predictive resolution process – it helps detect issues in real-time and resolves them for a better digital experience. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you automate your IT processes and help you resolve your IT issues in real-time.

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