The use of smartphones and portable devices at the workplace has grown exponentially in the past few years. The current pandemic has accelerated the adoption of these devices for better mobility, efficiency, and productivity. Employees seek a truly seamless work environment and capabilities that helps the be as productive at home as they are at office. 

Mobility Solutions are in High Demand 

Organizations are increasingly understanding the need to provide a truly effective remote work environment that is secure and manageable at the same time. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) research, global spending on mobility solutions is forecast to reach $1.8 trillion in 2022. The study states that growth in the consumer sector would be around 2.2% CAGR. Meanwhile, Gartner also predicts a 70% increase in mobility management solutions by 2024. 

Managing Mobility at the Workplace

As more and more organizations adopt mobile work (via BYOD, WFH policies etc.), it becomes important to monitor and manage these devices. Tracking device performance helps organizations understand where the inefficiencies lie and enables them to address those issues quickly. 

Increase Visibility with Asset Tracking

With remote work becoming common, organizations must track the company devices. This is essential for security and compliance purposes. A real-time mechanism to automatically scan, discover and identify the organization’s devices helps increase visibility and enables tracking more efficiently. In addition, it also enables employees to work seamlessly across multiple networks and schedule crucial operations such as discovery scans. 

Adopt an Inventory Management Solution

When devices are spread across various locations (and not limited to the physical office), an inventory management solution can become handy. To adapt to the flexible workspace, organizations should consider adopting a ready-to-use asset management solution that is quick to deploy and helps track and manage laptop/desktop information, including real-time change detection. 

Ensure Software Compliance

With GDPR and CCPA being enforced in the past few years, organizations are under pressure to manage their systems (and underlying data) more closely. The risk of data leakage or theft can cost organizations millions of dollars in terms of fines. In such a case, a centralized compliance metric reporting through a visualized intuitive dashboard can be very effective. For instance, it can help determine the number of software installations available in your network. In case of an unauthorized installation, the IT teams should be alerted immediately.

Implement a Modular Solution 

Mobility management is important, however, it must not prove to be an expensive affair. Picking a modular solution that addresses all the organization’s requirements is the smarter way. That way, you get to choose only the solutions that are useful to you.


Mobility management promises to hold even more significance in the years to come. With changes in work patterns as well as compliance requirements, organizations will benefit by taking steps towards putting a process in place.

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