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Empowering the 3rd generation of Digital Device Experience.​

Transform digital user experience with the power of cognitive automation and software robotics.


Any device, any where

Manage any type of device that’s out there, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile device, POS systems, or even IoT devices. So sit back, and watch our technology work its magic for you.​


OS Agnostic

In the world of Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, we support devices across various OS types and flavors for you to get a comprehensive view of all your managed devices.

Industry Specific Use-cases

Proven experience in managing devices across different industry verticals like Retail, BFSI, Aviation, Manufacturing, Education and more.

Automated Compliance

Awareness of the device environment by user, by persona, by category and by location

Logical Categorization using AI

Breakdown of devices based on Behaviors & Compliance, Allocation & Consumption, Capacity and Performace.

Cognitive Governance

Be on top of your devices by ensuring that your devices are always compliant and adhering to IT governance

Real-time awareness of device ecosystem.



AI based predictive self-healing is now a reality


Enable AI and automation-based Detection, Diagnosis and Remediation of issues across all end-point devices.


Empower your end-user by providing a simple end-user interface to self-manage and resolve issues using one-click resolutions.


Nanoheal's awesome ChatBot automatically resolves first-level device issues and engages with the end-user to achieve superior end-user experience.

Proactive Resolution

Empower agents to proactively monitor the device ecosystem for potential issues, and remotely trigger resolutions without disrupting user experience.

Reactive Resolution

Agent tool-kit to provide more efficient support for complex issues. Technology driven device support

Predict Failures & Recurring Issues

Gain actionable, real-time insights granular insights that help you take action proactively and improve user experience.

Manage Hardware Issues

Fix hardware issues efficiently and seamlessly with the help of Nanoheal's self-healing capabilities.

Automate Potential Future Issues

Gain in-depth information into the problem, enable faster resolution and identify opportunities to fast-track resolution process.

Implement Corrective Measures

Save significant costs through Insights on licensed software usage and software reuse within your organization.

Explore the power of Automated IT Management


Automated Maintenance

Leverage critical insights on device parameters, and performance thresholds to optimise your refresh cycles.

Track Automation Effectiveness

Automation is a game-changer for modern problem-solving, tracking gives visibility to operations but also the ability to effectively project the impact of potential solution into the future.

Focus on Analysis : End the root cause

Analytics provide granular information on cause/effect correlated with the problem to enable faster resolution and identify new automation opportunities that can end the root cause.

Optimize Software Licenses

Insights on licensed software usage helps in identifying software reuse within the organization enabling reduction in spending.

Align Asset Refresh Cycles

Asset refresh should not be based on timing alone, insights on critical device parameters and performance thresholds enable you decide on optimal refresh cycles.

Actionable real-time insights with granularity provides ability to take action proactively that improves user experience.

Improve User Experience

Translating device information to meaningful insights.



Seamless experience across your IT environment

IT Service Management Tools

Nanoheal is tightly integrated with ServiceNow over our platform APIs. This has enabled service desk to analyse alerts, device compliance issues and perform diagnosis and remediation within ServiceNow.

Build your own analysis

With the deep visibility and insights gathered by Nanoheal, service desk teams can build custom reports and dashboards to make more informed business decisions.

Our interface makes it easy to share insights across 3rd party solutions, for a unified and seamless workplace management experience.

Share insights

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