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Transform digital user experience with the power of cognitive automation and software robotics.

Digital Device Experience for the Modern Workplace.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Nanoheal’s Enterprise mobility management suite allows IT administrators to control, secure and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets and other endpoints. 

Provides best-in-class mobile device management capabilities and meets compliance and management requirements for BYOD and Corporate-Owned devices.  

Mobile Device Management

Protect sensitive information through device security and data loss prevention (DLP) policies. Gain control over how users access content and ensure your devices are always compliant, in real-time.

Data Leak Prevention

Nanoheal provides standard diagnostics, remediations, and automations for help desk and self- service options to troubleshoot and maintain upkeep of all smart devices. 

Automated Remediation & Self-Service

Add new devices quickly and easily provision apps and policies without IT involvement. Gain visibility and control of iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices. 

Easy-Onboarding & Configurations

Intuitive Insights

Gain deep visibility into issues related to PoS system or peripheral performance and failures. 

Enable proactive remediation through active, actionable, real-time alerts and notifications.

Proactive Agent Support

Automated and proactive failure detection of POS peripheral.

Predictive Detection of Failures

Real-time issue Detection, Diagnosis and Resolution ranging across various different device issues. 

Predictive & Automated Self-Healing

Supports devices across Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, Android POS, mPOS and provides deep-dive visibility into device performance.

Multi-Platform Support

Automate, Monitor and Measure device health and performance across Point-of-Sale operations.

Retail Point-of-Sale Systems

Unified App Console

Easy-to-use end-user app to manage all home automation devices and setup simple automation use cases for devices.


Automated troubleshooting of common connectivity issues between devices.  

Remote Troubleshooting

Enable remote agents to troubleshoot smart home devices using one-click resolutions and fixes for seamless user experience.  

Pick between multi-device connected automation and sequential automation to setup automation use cases for managing home devices with ease. 


Device Discovery

Manage any home automation device ranging from personal laptops, to smart home appliances, thermostats, cameras and more.

Nanoheal allows IT services to be integrated into end- user’s everyday lives. It provides non- intrusive solutions that can decrease frustration and improve a user’s satisfaction with IT. 

Ambient Home Automation

Get unparalleled insights and 

visibility into your workplace 

environment and capture 

intuitive experience- focused metrics,  to enable IT to be more proactive, reduce costs and enhance digital user

experience and business 



Secure end–point devices from being exploited by malicious attacks. IT can configure and set the compliance level thresholds, app whitelist & blacklist and intrusion protection and enforce compliance through automation.

End-Point Security

Reduce effort and time taken to perform routine ITSM tasks like Enforcing Compliance, Software & Content Distribution systems, Patch Management through the power of automation and code-less configurations. 

Automated IT Service Management

Move from a reactive to a Predictive and Proactive approach and drive powerful Digital-User Experiences. Nanoheal’s AI & Automation platform has the ability to detect, diagnose and resolve device issues without any human intervention.

AI & Automation

The workplace is changing. Companies are turning away from traditional business models and focusing instead on digital transformation and digital experience enablement. 

End-User Computing

Intuitive, feature-rich and AI-powered!

See in action how Nanoheal can enable you to transform your Digital User Experience with the power of AI & Automation.

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