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Welcome to a superior connected life experience which wraps Automated Digital Home Support around EVERY home automation device.

Ambient Home Support
Technology made simple.

Single pane of glass to manage plethora of devices

Nanoheal promises a seamlessly connected platform that provides convenience, control, and simplicity through the power of automation.

Automated Device Discovery 

Device and brand agnostic support to manage all types of home automation devices and hubs.

Unified App Console 

Easy-to-use mobile app to manage all smart home automation devices from a single app.

Pre-Configured Automations for Simplified Usability.

Our patented automation technology helps you manage your devices with ease, by providing automations on-the-go, to give you a hassle-free device experience

Pre-Defined Automations 

Pick between multi-device connected automation and sequential automation to setup automation use cases for managing home devices with ease. 

Automated Device Connectivity 

Remove the time, frustration & complexity of installing, configuring interfacing and connecting multi-vendor technology.

Offer Superior Service with Self-Help & Proactive Agent Remediation.

Layered automation options across Self-Heal, Self-Help and Proactive Remediation allows users to have a hassle- free device experience.

End-User Self-Help 

Self-manage common issues relating to device connectivity and network using robust self-help options. 

Proactive Agent Remediation 

Enable remote agents to troubleshoot smart home devices using one-click resolutions and fixes for seamless user experience.

AI & Automation based Digital User Experience for the Smart home.

More than a product, 

this is uniquely transformational. 

Delight your consumers with Ambient Home Support 
like never before.

Remove the complexity of device support through single click configurations, automation and the ability to interface in a multi-vendor fragmented technology environment.


Automation Coverage 

Issue resolved through real-time resolution and preventive maintenance, and proactive agent troubleshooting.


First Time Resolution

Very high success rate on issues resolved using automation preventing a follow-up call or follow-up session.

Improved Retention

mproving the users digital experience resulted in lower churn and better customer retention.



Reduced Tickets

Reduce Level 1 tickets by offering automation, self-service and proactive remediation.

Move away from traditional support channels and offer a superior experience that’s scalable and future-proof.

One-stop shop solution to deliver and drive digital device experience

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